Autoclave AC 7000 21L

Autoclave AC 7000 21L


The Autoclaves AC 7000 were designed produced with the most modern in the market.

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  • It has a carbon steel cabinet with epoxy paint that guarantees long durability and resistance to impacts and corrosion. Stainless steel tank, door, trays and support that facilitate cleaning and increase durability. Digital power control system through individual electronic sensors of high precision temperature and pressure. 32-character LCD digital display that indicates temperature (° C), pressure (Kgf / cm²) and time (minutes and seconds). Safety system to protect against overheating in the event of component failure. Calibrated safety valve that limits internal pressure in the event of component failure. Micro system processed through firmware that identifies and cancels the cycle in case of deviations in temperature and pressure, and that avoids risks of sterilization failures and prevents accidents with operators. Mechanical closing system that prevents opening the door under pressure. Sensor that prevents operation with the door open. Alarms (visual and audible) that indicate failures in pressure, temperature, lack of energy during the cycles, lack of water and door opening with automatic cancellation.

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