Electronic Scalpel SEG 100+

Electronic Scalpel SEG 100+


Developed for professionals who want more practicality, the scalpels of this line are fully adjusted by digital command (UP / DOWN keys), although they are simple and versatile.

  • All models have a digital display for the selected power.

    The best partner within a surgical center.

    Equipment with digital techniques in the control of CUT (PURE and BLEND) and COAGULATION (DESICTION and SPRAY). In the CUT function you can also choose the CUT function (PURE CUT) Hi, BLEND MIN (1) Hi, BLEND MID (2) Hi and BLEND MAX (3) Hi, individually, which allows surgery on adipose tissues more easily . Greater Reliability, Simplified Adjustments and Handling.

    The BIPOLAR Technique can be better explored using one of the options offered: PRECISE and STANDARD. Each of these options allows a more precise choice of the power to be used, with increases of 0.5 watt.

    Alarm and protection system in case of breakage of the plate wire (for single plate). Blocking of operation in the event of failure.

    Feedback Power Adjust (FPA®) - Automatic Power Compensation, according to the variation in fabric resistance.

    Two Bipolar modes: Precise and Standard

    Two PULSATILE modes: PPC® and UPE®

    Four PURE, BLEND Min, BLEND Mid and BLEND Max functions for monopolar cutting with HI crest factor, four with LOW crest factor and five for each PULSATILE mode.

    Monopolar coagulation: DESICCATE, SPRAY (FULGURATE) and PULSATILE modes.

    Patient Resistance Monitoring System (MRPGraph®): MRP Graph alarm and protection system (with graphic indication) for double plate, with automatic blocking of operation in case of failure. Visual indication of the quality of the contact of the double plate with the patient's skin, through a bar with 5 LEDs, (Bargraph).

    Activation by manual command and or pedal

    Retrieving the most recently used settings

    Activation tone volume adjustment

    Auxiliary / activation port

    Retro terminals illuminated by led

    Activation of the CUT or COAGULATION through the Pen or the Pedal.

    All power values can be saved, even if the device is switched off.

    Availability of 120 pre-programmed surgical procedures.

    Waterproof panel for easy cleaning.

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