Scalpel Wavetronic Nano + MA 1000 + AV 1000

Scalpel Wavetronic Nano + MA 1000 + AV 1000

R$12,480.00 Regular Price
R$11,200.00Sale Price

Wavetronic Nano scalpel accompanying MA 1000 auxiliary table and AV 1000 Vapor Aspirator

Do you want Megapulse system?
  • • Armored liquid-proof membrane panel with Soft Touch keys;

    • Digital display of power indication;

    • Maximum output power: 120watts;

    • Accuracy of 1watt for each mode of operation;

    • Five operating modes: CUT PURE, BLEND 1, BLEND 2; BLEND 3; PURE COAG;

    • Independent memory for each operating mode;

    • Five continuous operating modes and 5 pulsed operating modes * (ten functions) with an algorithm that allows 100 combination options for precision microsurgery;

    • Waterproof dual CUT / COAG pedal (IPX7 degree of protection);

    • Activation Monitoring System (AMS) - Monitors how many times the equipment has been used;

    • Audio visual signaling with double tone activation - CUT (high) / COAG (low);

    • Monitoring the contact quality of the Neutral Plate;

    • Automatic blocking of the Equipment in case of contact failure or lack of use of the Neutral Plate;

    • Audio visual signal in case of failure or lack of the neutral plate;

    • Three options of Neutral Plates: Reusable in stainless steel, simple disposable adhesive and split disposable adhesive (for monitoring contact quality);

    • Remote control for automatic activation of the Wavevac Dual steam cleaner;

    • Megapulse system that produces, in a controlled and precise way, micro shots of electromagnetic energy in pulsed cycles from 5Hz to 80Hz (pulses per second);

    • Automatic bivolt 115/230 VAC - 50Hz to 60Hz;

    • Working frequency: 490KHz;

    • Dimensions - Height: 133mm, Width: 243mm, Depth: 325mm

    • Weight: 3.5kg;

    • Degree of protection against electric shock (Class I);

    • Degree of protection against liquids (IPX1);

    • Angled support base, for a better view of the front panel.

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