Fetal Doppler DF 7000 S

Fetal Doppler DF 7000 S


The line of Doppler Monitors DF 7000 is equipment of high sensitivity, developed with the most current in the market.

Rechargable battery
Do you want shielded transducer (waterproof)?
  • Fetal detectors are used to capture movements inside the human body using the DOPPLER system. It allows the detection of the fetus' heart and the diagnosis of multiple pregnancy between the 10th and 12th week of pregnancy, enabling the evaluation of the fetal heart rate during pregnancy and pre-delivery. Later around the 24th to the 26th week of pregnancy, the distinct and clear sound of the placenta helps its location and facilitates the diagnosis of the placenta previa. The flow of the umbilical cord can also be heard at this stage. They are measured for excellent sensitivity and a lower noise level, thus obtaining excellent results in obstetrics. Cabinet and transducer in high impact ABS material that prevents oxidation and deterioration over time. / lateral support for transducer facilitating its storage and transport. Automatic shutdown after 1 minute without use, volume and tone control. When the equipment is turned off, the last volume and tone settings are stored in memory.

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