Veterinary Doppler DV 3001

Veterinary Doppler DV 3001


The portable Doppler Monitor is developed with the most current and modern on the market. Used to detect fetal heartbeat from the 10th to the 12th week of pregnancy, enabling the evaluation of the fetal heart rate during pregnancy and delivery.

  • MEDPEJ developed the Veterinary Doppler DV-3001 with the latest technology and the most current and modern on the market. Portable, robust, safe and of the highest quality and sensitivity.
    We recommend its use by veterinary professionals to assist in locating and monitoring the flow and arterial and venous pulses.
    The cabinet has a modern design, made of injected ABS material and highly resistant to oxidation and deterioration.
    Round and compact transducer specially designed to facilitate signal detection.
    Working frequency of 8 MHz or 10 MHz ± 10%.
    Immediate diagnosis of acute arterial occlusion and venous thrombosis.
    Postoperative control of grafts.
    Differential arteriovenous diagnosis.
    Power supply requires only 01 9 V battery, which can be alkaline (non-rechargeable) or NI-MH (rechargeable).
    Light on the panel to indicate the need to replace or recharge the battery (if rechargeable battery).
    Battery compartment protected by cover and easy to access by the user.
    Headphone output.
    High sensitivity in signal detection.
    Excellent sound, without noise or interference.
    Accompanying conductive gel and carrying handle.
    Carrying handle for easy use; with the handle it is possible to keep the DV 3001 suspended, for example, the user can place the equipment suspended by the neck strap during use, this facilitates the operation and can prevent the equipment from falling.
    Digital volume control with 15 levels and internal memory to store the last adjustment.
    Automatic shutdown after 3 minutes to preserve the battery.
    All components used in this product are not harmful to health.
    Product developed based on standards:
    ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1: 2010 + Amendment 1: 2016 / ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-2: 2010 / ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-6 / ABNT NBR IEC 60601-1-9 / ABNT NBR IEC 62366.

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