Ultrassound US 8050 MP + Trolley

Ultrassound US 8050 MP + Trolley


Comes with linear, convex, endocavitary and trolley probes for transportation.

  • The US 8060 MP Medpej portable ultrasound equipment has been designed with high technology and provides a pleasant and intuitive operating experience. Ultrasound equipment with Doppler spectral analysis for diagnostic imaging. The system is organized and simple, allowing a quick and accurate diagnosis. It is the complete solution for the diagnosis of ultrasound in the following clinical applications: Abdominal, Peripheral Vascular, Breast, Thyroid, Obstetric, Gynecological, Skeletal Muscle, Small Parts, Cardiac, Urology, Pediatrics, Transvaginal and Transretal.

    Equipment with intelligent system of advanced technologies for better definition and performance, compatible with various brands and models of printers. Excellent Doppler sensitivity, high penetration and high pulse repetition frequency. Wide range of multi-frequency broadband transducers, high resolution of two-dimensional images, with advanced optimization functions. Shortcut keys for the most used functions promoting a productivity gain.

    01 year warranty and free technical support.

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