PE 7000 ZBR Video Colposcope

PE 7000 ZBR Video Colposcope


Equipment used to identify visible signs of abnormal tissue, working through digital commands to enlarge the view of the cervix, vagina, vulva and surfaces, being indicated for the prevention of gynecological cancer.

    • B = Articulating arm ;
    • C = Camera;
    • D = image divider;
    • Z = colposcope model.
    • M = Hammock;
    • R = Casters.

    The acronyms represent the set of pieces that the colposcope will have. For example, if there is "M" in the acronym, it means that it will be a colposcope for adaptation on a stretcher, and may be supported by "B" (articulating arm) with "D" (image divider) and "C" (camera).

    The acronyms "M" and "R" will never be together because they are different supports.



    • ZBR = Fixed model with articulated arm attached to a pedestal with casters ;
    • ZM = Fixed model with articulating arm attached to a gynecological chair (stretcher);
    • ZR = Fixed model on pedestal;

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